General Procurement Notice


General Procurement Notice

Republic of Tajikistan

Construction of Rogun Hydro Power Plant Project (Lot-4 – Left Bank Structures)

Sector: Energy

Mode of Financing: IsDB Instalment Sale and Loan

Financing No. TJK1042


The Government of the Republic of Tajikistan has applied for financing in the amount of US$ 150.0 million equivalent from the Islamic Development Bank towards the cost of the Construction of Rogun Hydro Power Plant Project (Lot-4– Left Bank Structures), and it intends to apply part of the proceeds to payments for goods, works, related services and consulting services to be procured under this project. This Lot 4 project will be jointly financed by the Saudi Fund for Development, Abu Dhabi Fund, Kuwait Fund, OPEC Fund and Government of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The project will include the following components:

Lot 4 Civil Works aims to complete Left Bank Structures of the project site. The activities includes the execution or completion of power intakes structure with slope excavation and stabilization works; underground works, tunnel and galleries and related civil structures: headraces, powerhouse complex and tailrace; hydro mechanical equipment and steel structures; appurtenant buildings; BOP electromechanical equipment to complement equipment supplied under other Lots; ESHS Managements.

Procurement of civil works will be based on International Competitive Bidding Open (ICB Open) with pre-qualification of bidders, i.e., the procurement will be done in two steps: contractors prequalification and then bidding among prequalified contractors.

Procurement of contracts financed by the Islamic Development Bank will be conducted through the procedures as specified in the Guidelines for the Procurement of Goods, Works and related Services under Islamic Development Bank Project Financing (current edition), and is open to all eligible bidders as defined in the guidelines, or specified in the Pre-Qualification Document to be issued. 

Specific procurement notices for prequalification for Lot 4 and other contracts to be bid under the Islamic Development Bank’s international competitive bidding (ICB) procedures and for contracts for consultancy services will be announced, as they become available, in IsDB Website, DG Market, UN Online and websites of the Project Management Group for Construction of Energy Facilities Under the President of The Republic of Tajikistan, JSC Rogun HPP and local newspapers (as applicable).

Prequalification of contractors will be required for the following contracts: Civil Work Construction of Rogun Hydro Power Plant Project (Lot-4).

Interested eligible firms and individuals who would wish to be considered for the provision of goods, works and consulting services for the above mentioned project, or those requiring additional information, should contact the Beneficiary at the address below:

Name of office: Project Management Group for Construction of Energy Facilities Under the President of The Republic of Tajikistan


Attn: Mr. Pulod Muhiddiniyon, Director

Address: 5/1 Shamsi Street, 734064,

Sino District, Dushanbe, Tajikistan 

Tel.: +992 (372) 35 74 17

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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